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Today is Canada Day (a holiday that is verily overlooked just a few degrees south of the border…shame on you yanks!). To celebrate in literary style I would like to honor my favorite Canadian contemporary writer:

Douglas. Coupland. 

Maple Leaf Swagger

Forget his West Germany beginnings, the man is the premier Canadian author of the late 20th & early 21st Century. His novels that are must reads, in my obviously not-so humble opinion, are:

Generation X

Generation A

Life After God (not the conventional novel but radically beautiful and inspiring)

Girlfriend in a Coma



There are more that I am planning to read in the near future but I have forced myself to space out the Couplands for two reasons.

1. There is a point at the end of every Coupland novel that I shatter. Either everything I’ve ever known is a lie and I descend into a nihilistic depression or my philosophy of life is so radically changed that everyone within a five mile radius must hear my burning thoughts and beaming desires. (Oddly my friends become very busy during this time. It’s a conspiracy…probably involving bees and pain killers.)

2. Too much of a good thing is not so great so, if I slowly absorb Coupland’s work there will always be more later…. There will always be more right?

Anyway, this British Columbian is a fantastic writer that incorporates the present and future of literature. He writes about terrorism, technology, globalization, climate change, medicine, nostalgia, advertisements, product placements, the apocalypse, space, school, love, and life. His writing is provoking and outrageous but, if you can buy into the constructed reality you will be pleasantly rewarded. Coupland never holds back and writes painfully beautiful truths.

Oh Canada! Coupland is a national treasure!