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Instead of going the obvious route and celebrating the two-century old victors of a bloody war…I’d like to celebrate the losers today. To be completely accurate, Tom Stoppard is not an English writer by birth or genealogy but, he has produced some of the most beautiful plays in contemporary English literature.

“Uncertainty is the normal state. You’re nobody special.”

His existential retelling of Hamlet, giving well-deserved voices to two minor characters, in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, is both subtly hilarious and philosophically brilliant.

And The Invention of Love combines high-brow academia, mythological settings, and OSCAR WILDE! It is one of best written plays in the contemporary English canon (Only rivaled by Angels In America by Tony Kushner).

What makes Stoppard so remarkable is his genius at word play and the effortless style of conveying a philosophical revolution in less than one sentence. I doubt even the Dalai Lama’s twitter personel can compete with that kind of concise brilliance.

Through this reasoning, I declare as a well supported theory that Tom Stoppard is God.

….The writer is creator anyhow and since Stoppard is an ultimate creator with a tremendous power of language….

This works with some logics formula, I’m sure.