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I do not want to fuel the frenzied fire behind the recent success of a sensationalized work but, I need to get this out. Perhaps other people feel this way. Perhaps I will stop glaring at people pool-side and telling them they are destroying literature one page at a time.

Hoping this helps….

Pornographic literature has been around for ages. If you think this new thing is steamy try The Miller’s Tale from Canterbury Tales or Gilgamesh. Serious heat and raunchy descriptions galore.

My only problem with this new devolved formation is that the writing is less than intelligent and the blatant content lacks real passion. Granted I only read about 20 pages before I grew tired or killing my brain cells at the syntax and diction of such an undeveloped writer.

Yes, this is extremely judgmental. Yes, I am jealous that this housewife has made the best sellers lists I only dream of. But, truly it is more than envy and pride.

I feel that this kind of writing that has swept the masses is a dangerous development in society. The same species that once anticipated the next edition of Household Words for the next installment of relevant Literature (note the capital L), is now clamoring the shelves at local mass production marts to get their unfulfilled fingers on the pages of garbage writing.

Fuck it. It’s not entertaining unless someone outright says something.

This work is utter garbage. It is the twinkie of the English writing world.

If you have the need to read about sex to replace the fact that your not actually having it, read Playboy, or rather to match the correct demographic, some type of Playgirl. Plenty of blatant visuals and, to be honest, the writing is actually superb.

It’s not a case of I can write better (despite the fact that I am of the delusion that I can). It’s that I know good writing. If nothing else I have a talent for knowing talent. This is probably why I identify with Prufrock….

Anyway, I am of the opinion that this sensation is bad for the future of literature. If nothing else, I hope that this poorly written novel can inspire some to read a well written novel.

Ever the optimist, even in such times as these…..